Brian Broek

Brian Broek, CPA
Training Specialist

Nothing in accounting surprises Brian — he’s seen it all!

Brian joined GAAP Dynamics to give back to the profession and share his vast accounting experience with others. In his previous role with a large Switzerland-based international bank, Brian was a Director in the Accounting Policy and New Business Support Team. He gave technical accounting advice on new structures designed by investment bankers — which means he has seen the most creative, complex, integrated structures and multi-layered transactions you can imagine. Brian’s role was to dig through the legal documents to determine “how in the world do we account for this thing?” and then clearly and concisely explain his position to people unfamiliar with accounting rules. This experience makes him one of our most interesting instructors — attendees always love the stories he can tell!

Brian Broek

Brian is a U.S. CPA and facilitates U.S. GAAP and IFRS training for GAAP Dynamics, as well as teaches Advanced Accounting at the college level, focusing on preparing students for the CPA exam and a successful accounting career. His passion for sharing his knowledge is evident in how he doesn’t just talk about the standards, but brings them to life with “real world” examples.

When he’s not helping people understand the issues to expect when applying U.S. GAAP or IFRS standards, Brian loves spending time with his wife Debra, who also facilitates training for GAAP Dynamics. Brian is a seasoned chef, cooking up a storm whenever he can. After spending 15 years in Switzerland and traveling throughout Europe, he enjoys being back in the USA now, allowing more time for playing the piano, violin, and singing in a men’s choir. Brian also loves to play golf, but his favorite pastime is sitting on a boat, soaking a line on a golden pond … waiting for “Walter” to take the bait.

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