Pamela Swecker

Pamela Swecker
Office Manager

Wearing Multiple Hats And Keeping The Company On Track

Pamela makes the magic happen behind the scenes — running a tight ship and solving problems before they arise! As one of our first employees, she knows the ins and outs of GAAP Dynamics, and is always ready and willing to accept new challenges. From ensuring compliance with NASBA certification requirements, to tracking collections and analyzing revenues, Pamela does it all to keep the company running smoothly and keep our clients happy.

Pamela feels that the most important aspect of her role is to build good relationships, especially with clients and vendors. Her view is that making sure people know they’ve been heard and respected is not just good for business, it’s the basic human kindness that we all deserve.

Pamela Swecker

But Pamela’s real joy is in unique opportunities such as voice recording and, well, office supplies (she really loves office supplies!). And things like reviewing course materials for spelling, grammar, and slide formatting really appeal to her inner geek – this stuff is fun for her!

Off the clock, Pamela can be found cheering for her kids at the baseball/softball field or basketball court, singing along with the radio, reading in a quiet corner, or enjoying a good movie. But her favorite place to be is at the ocean with her husband and their kids — toes in the sand and warm sun shining.

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