My Internship Experience at GAAP Dynamics
My Internship Experience at GAAP Dynamics

My Internship Experience at GAAP Dynamics

When I first arrived at the GAAP Dynamics office on an early morning in June, I was met with a welcoming feeling when all of the employees introduced themselves. I was a bit nervous at first, due to one simple fact: I had no idea what to expect. This was my first actual job. What made this situation more comfortable was the CEO of the business, Mike Walworth, who was not only the familiar face of my next door neighbor, but also the one who created a friendly atmosphere in the work place.

After I got situated at a desk, acquired knowledge about the business and how the website works, I was given my first task: to edit audio. Suddenly, worry crossed my mind. I had little to no experience with editing audio. Thanks to the assistance of one of the Digital Marketing specialists, LaTarshia, I learned the ways of Adobe Audition. She went over the starting steps of how the company begins editing audio for their eLearning videos and the many tools within the software. By the end of my internship, I was comfortable enough to make my own voice recordings for videos. After playing around with the mic, making recordings, and editing audio, I learned that audio is just as important as the visuals of a video.

While I did come into this internship with personal experience in video editing software, it was challenging to adapt to new software. I did find, though, many similarities between the programs I use at home and those used at GAAP Dynamics. Along the way, I picked up some new and interesting techniques. I was using VideoScribe for whiteboard animations and GoAnimate for animations with cartoon characters. Adobe Audition is useful for editing audio, while Camtasia works well with recording computer screens for eLearning and compiling videos together. I also used Autodesk Graphic to illustrate my own images and export them to other programs. It was nice to play around with these programs and do some professional work and further expand my knowledge of video editing programs.

Another opportunity that was enjoyable at GAAP Dynamics was the amount of creativity offered with each project. I would either be given a storyboard or a few guidelines and the topic for the video as a starting point. After that I had all the artistic freedom I wanted with making a video. In a few videos, I was even creating my own images with an Apple pen and an iPad, rather than using stock artwork inside the programs.

Throughout the internship one issue occurred a few times - my laptop was not able to handle some of the graphics in the video editing programs and ran slowly at some points. However, this was an easy fix due to the availability of the Mac desktop in the studio where recordings were done. This brings me to another luxury: basically everything needed to make these videos was in the office at GAAP Dynamics. This includes the mic for recordings, Macs and PCs for editing and creating, and coworkers to storyboard ideas and critique your work.

This internship appealed to me because of my passion for creating videos and animations, but what I learned was so much more. I got the feel of how a real business operates. For example, it’s not like you’re the only one making a video. Rather, it’s a team sharing ideas and critiquing each other’s videos as you work on them. A video may even be broken down into several parts where everyone is working on a part, such as one employee storyboarding the project, another recording the audio, and someone else editing and putting it all together. This really shows how GAAP Dynamics works cooperatively as a team.

What made this internship such a great experience was how I was able to provide some of my very own work and ideas for GAAP Dynamics, while at the same time learning new skills from the other employees. What I learned during my internship will help me in a future job and better prepare me with new skills. If I was given another opportunity to work with GAAP Dynamics, I would certainly take it!


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