375,000 people can’t be wrong! Our most read blog posts of 2020.
375,000 people can’t be wrong! Our most read blog posts of 2020.

375,000 people can’t be wrong! Our most read blog posts of 2020.

Admittedly this headline is a bit misleading, but we did have over 375,000 sessions on our website in 2020, an increase of 73,000 compared to 2019. What in the world are people looking at? Well, at first, I thought it was just Chris and Bob’s fan club, but it turns out that that most of these sessions can be attributed to posts on our blog, GAAPology, specifically those related to the following topics:

  • ASC 740 Income Taxes
  • ASC 842 Leases
  • ASC 805 Business Combinations
  • ASC 830 Foreign Currency Matters
  • ASC 606 Revenue from Contracts with Customers

Here are the most viewed posts of 2020:

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ASC 740 Income Taxes

What is it about taxes? I guess it’s because non-tax accountants are scared of the topic. Have no fear, GAAP Dynamics is here! Over 42,000 views, including the top two most read blogs in 2020, related to ASC 740:

Accounting for Income Taxes under ASC 740: An Overview – Accounting for income taxes under ASC 740, it’s a topic most non-tax accountants try to avoid…we’ll help you break it down!

Accounting for Income Taxes under ASC 740: Deferred Taxes – Accounting for income taxes under ASC 740 is a difficult topic to grasp. This post explores accounting for deferred taxes and the valuation allowance.

Example: Accounting for Uncertain Tax Positions (ASC 740) – Do you know how to account for uncertain tax positions under U.S. GAAP (ASC 740)? This post summarizes the guidance with a worked example.

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ASC 842 Leases

Now this one I get, especially given that public companies were going to have to implement ASC 842 in 2021 before the FASB delayed implementation for an additional year. The second most-viewed topic related to the following posts about ASC 842:

Lease Accounting: An Overview of ASC 842 – Looking for lease accounting training? Our 4-part ASC 842 eLearning collection covers exactly what you need to know! This post provides an overview of the main accounting issues associated with ASC 842, as well as the composition of each of the courses in our collection.

New Lease Accounting Standard (ASC 842 and IFRS 16): CAM and Taxes – This post discusses the accounting for common area maintenance (CAM) charges and property taxes under the new lease accounting standard (ASC 842 and IFRS 16).

Accounting for Initial Direct Costs under ASC 842 – How do you account for the initial direct costs of obtaining a lease under ASC 842? This post shows you how!

Taxes and the New Leasing Standard (ASC 842) – Private entities are getting ready to implement ASC 842, but how are the tax accounts and returns impacted? This post explores the tax impacts of the new lease accounting standards.

Business combinations

ASC 805 Business Combinations

With interest rates at historic lows and M&A heating up during the latter half of 2020, it seemed many people were searching for guidance on the accounting for business combinations in accordance with ASC 805. These were the top posts in this area:

Accounting for Business Combinations: An Overview of ASC 805 – Struggling with the accounting for business combinations? No worries. This post provides you with an overview of ASC 805, as well as links to helpful resources.

Accounting for Business Combinations ASC 805: Contingent Consideration – Contingent consideration is one of the trickiest issues when accounting for business combinations under ASC 805. In this post, we explore the issue in greater detail.

Business Combinations (ASC 805): Measurement Period Adjustments – This post explores an entity’s ability to record measurement period adjustments when accounting for business combinations under ASC 805. And here’s a tip: It isn’t a blank check!

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ASC 830 Foreign Currency Matters

Chris’s “plug the flow” post is the 4th most viewed post of all-time, with over 38,000 views! Foreign currency translation is a “tricky” topic, which accounts for the over 15,000 views in 2020 related to these two posts:

Foreign Currency Translation (ASC 830) and Cash Flows – Plug the Flow? – Having trouble accounting for foreign currency translation under ASC 830 in the statement of cash flows? You’re not alone! This post discusses the issue.

Overview of Foreign Currency Translation under ASC 830 – To better understand how currency fluctuations impact financial statements, let’s dive into ASC 830 and foreign currency translation.

ASC 606 Revenue from Contracts with Customers

It seems that our readers either like a broad, high-level overview of topics or a “deep-dive” into specific areas. The latter is evidenced by these two posts related to ASC 606 which combined to account for over 15,000 views in 2020:

Principle vs. Agent? GAAP Revenue Recognition Criteria (ASC 606) – Using a “real life” example, this post explores the new GAAP revenue recognition criteria related to principal versus agent determination under ASC 606.

Shipping and Handling: New Revenue Recognition Standard (ASC 606) – Accounting for shipping and handling is changing under the new revenue recognition standard (ASC 606), creating a new difference with IFRS (IFRS 15).


What are people searching for in 2021? Besides some of the same topics noted above, we’ve seen a considerable increase in sessions related to ASC 946 Financial Services – Investment Companies, specifically the following posts:

Accounting for Investment Companies under ASC 946: An Overview – Investment companies are unique, and so is their accounting under ASC 946. This post explores ASC 946 and discusses the online training available now.

Investment Companies are Special…so is Their Accounting! – Investment companies require special considerations for their accounting and financial reporting. That’s why there is industry-specific guidance in ASC 946. This post explores some of the nuances within ASC 946 that make investment company accounting special!

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