Meet Abby Hissong, Digital Marketing and Learning Specialist
Meet Abby Hissong, Digital Marketing and Learning Specialist

Meet Abby Hissong, Digital Marketing and Learning Specialist

We’re excited to introduce one of the newest members of the GAAP D team, Abby Hissong! Abby joined us this month as a Digital Marketing and Learning Specialist (DMLS) after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Public Relations.

Check out my interview with Abby below to learn more about her, her previous experience, and what she is looking forward to working on as part of the GAAP Dynamics team.

1. What was your experience prior to joining GAAP Dynamics?

As a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina, working on the DMLS team at GAAP Dynamics is actually my first full time position! That said, in college I majored in public relations and minored in health promotion and education where I worked with various organizations in Columbia, SC doing their communications and client onboarding. Most recently I had the opportunity to serve on the parent outreach team for a CIL (Center for Independent Living) organization where I worked closely with the director of PR and events to curate content for the parents of individuals with disabilities in the community. This experience was immensely rewarding and showed me the importance of collaboration and creativity in the workplace! Additionally, I worked as a health communications intern for a nonprofit organization that worked closely with the Department of Health and Environmental Control. In my time there I provided written and graphic communications support for the SC General Assembly session as well as the Youth Vaping Prevention campaign in 2020. I have always been passionate about educating others and fostering independence in those I serve, which is why I was so excited to join the GAAP Dynamics team this June!

2. What are some highlights of your career thus far?

One of my favorite experiences in my career thus far was when I worked for a community health nonprofit where I had the chance to design and implement my own curriculum surrounding the misinformation around vaping to local students. In this role I was given the opportunity to work closely with high school students and help them to sort through all the false narratives surrounding the topic by providing them with fact-based information that was free of judgment. While working with these students, I got to see many of the different ways that others learn as well as cater my lessons so that the content I was teaching resonated with students. When COVID-19 hit, I had the unique task of translating my curriculum from solely in-person to eLearning modules that I presented virtually. Although challenging, I believe that this experience will translate well to my position at GAAP Dynamics.

3. Why did you choose GAAP Dynamics?

I chose GAAP Dynamics because I could immediately see how passionate the DMLS team was about what they did as well as the ever-changing responsibilities of the position. It was very important to me that I continued to grow my knowledge and skill set wherever I ended up after college, so interviewing with GAAP Dynamics was like a breath of fresh air! I loved the idea that I could combine the ingenuity of content creation with educating others about topics they are passionate about in a stimulating way. After having experienced the switch from in-person learning to virtual instruction firsthand during the pandemic, I know how essential it is to produce stimulating eLearning modules in place of a standard lecture or recording. I am so excited to implement my insights from this time to my work at GAAP Dynamics and to collaborate with this amazing team of people.

4. What are you looking forward to working on as a member of the DMLS team?

The thing that I am most looking forward to working on as a member of the DMLS team is broadening my knowledge regarding design and production software and getting more familiar with the world of eLearning. Creativity and innovation are really fostered here at GAAP Dynamics, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given an opportunity to work somewhere that I feel comfortable trying new things.

5. What are some fun facts about you?

Outside of work you can find me in the kitchen cheffing up one of my favorite recipes, listening to a podcast, or laying out with a good book. I'm a pop culture junkie, so I am always down for a television show, movie, album, book, podcast, etc. recommendation!

It has been a pleasure getting to know Abby, and we're ecstatic about all the skills she brings to the team in the DMLS role. Welcome, Abby! We're so glad you're here!

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Comments (3)

  1. Phyllis Scott:
    Jun 08, 2021 at 03:29 PM

    Congratulations, Abby! What an exciting start to life after college. This looks like a really good fit for you, your talents and personality. Keep us informed on what is happening in both the work life and after work life! I know you will be an excellent addition to this company and we will be praying for you as you begin this new adventure. Best wishes to you and we are excited to see how God works with you in this exciting field of teaching.

  2. Ed Taylor:
    Jun 08, 2021 at 10:18 PM

    This narrative makes me very proud of you. You are very special. I look forward to hearing more about this new beginning in your life. Never forget you are greatly loved.

  3. Teddy Scott:
    Jun 09, 2021 at 05:35 PM

    Well I think aunt Phyllis covered it all. I knew you be very successful due to the fact that when you came to Cal for a visit you were a none stop reader. In my opinion reader we always be leaders and you are on your way young lady. Congrats on your new job and always remember God love you.

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