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We know that partnering with a training firm is a decision not to be taken lightly. We want to earn your trust. Try before you buy! Check out the links below for FREE samples of our content. We hope you find them helpful! If you have any questions about how we might be able to offer similar solutions to your firm, let's talk.

  • Webinar Playback: SAS 145 is here! Are you ready? Top 5 considerations for audit teams

    group of accountants chatting
    Based on AICPA peer review data, nearly half of the audits reviewed were nonconforming because engagement teams did not properly address their clients' controls. As a result, SAS 145 Understanding the Entity and Its Environment and Assessing Risks of Material Misstatement was issued, and this new guidance is effective NOW! Is your firm ready? Join us as we discuss the top 5 considerations engagement teams must address to ensure they're in compliance with the new requirements of SAS 145. Date: Available until February 1, 2025  View now!
  • Webinar Playback: Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Reporting

    woman giving presentation
    In recent months, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical concern for businesses, with far-reaching implications for financial reporting. Recent rule changes within the SEC have established new reporting challenges for issuers and placed cybersecurity at the forefront of new compliance motions. The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, coupled with evolving regulatory landscapes, have created a complex environment that demands the attention of financial statement preparers and auditors. Join GAAP Dynamics and Intelligize for this webinar where we discuss the SEC’s new rules on cybersecurity disclosures and the impact of cyber threats on financial reporting. Date: Available until December 11, 2024  View now!
  • Webinar Playback: ASC 946: Unique accounting and reporting issues for funds

    chris and dale working on a computer
    Investment companies under ASC 946 are unique in both the way its financial statements are presented, and the typical accounting issues that arise from its day-to-day transactions. In this example-driven and interactive course, we will discuss the some of the most common, yet challenging, accounting and reporting issues faced by various open-end and closed-end funds (e.g., hedge funds and private equity funds), highlighting the uniqueness of the industry and its application of U.S. GAAP accounting principles. This is a must-see course for those who account for or audit investment companies! Date: Available until October 25, 2024  View now!
  • Webinar Playback: Get Ready for PCAOB Inspections and Peer Reviews

    GAAP Dynamic employees meeting
    If you're looking to improve audit quality and reduce the number of audit deficiencies in your audits, then this 1.5-hour webinar playback, co-sponsored with ADIGEO Consulting, LLC, is for you! Hear directly from former PCAOB inspectors on a variety of topics. This webinar is a MUST for auditors on both PCAOB and U.S. GAAS audit engagements heading into inspection and peer review season. Date: Available until January 28, 2025  View now!
  • Webinar Playback: SEC Update and Hot Topics (2023)

    GAAP Dynamic employees meeting
    If you’re wondering what’s currently on the SEC’s radar, then this 1-hour webinar playback, co-sponsored with LHH Recruitment Solutions, is for you. It’s a must for those working on or with SEC registrants! Date: Available until May 15, 2024 View now!
  • Webinar Playback: SEC Pay vs. Performance Disclosures

    GAAP Dynamic employees meeting
    Another day, another required disclosure from the SEC! However, this recently finalized rule implements a mandate under the Dodd Frank Act (yes, we are still talking about Dodd Frank!). This webinar playback focuses on the new pay vs. performance rule, which requires certain registrants to provide disclosures about executive pay and company performance. If you need to know the requirements of this new rule or are just fascinated with how companies are disclosing executive pay in their various regulatory filings, then this 1-hour, simulated live webinar, co-sponsored with Intelligize, is for you! Date: Available until May 17, 2024  View now!
  • PCAOB eBook: Learn from PCAOB Inspections - Your Prescription for Better Audits

    PCAOB ebook
    We've recently released the Fifth Edition of our comprehensive eBook, Learn from PCAOB Inspections - Your Prescription for Better Audits. Updated for the most recent inspection reports, not only does it summarize those main areas of audit deficiencies, but also includes valuable insights from former PCAOB inspection leaders, Helen Munter and John Fiebig with ADIGEO Consulting LLC. Download now!
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Revenue Recognition (ASC 606)

    Step-by-Step Guide
    Our guide walks you through each step of the 5-step model within ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers. It provides you with a high level overview of the requirements using various microlearning training modules. Explore now!
  • Microlearning: Investment Management (ASC 946)

    Investment Management Microlearning
    Investment companies are unique…and so is their accounting! Finding high-quality, engaging, and relevant training on ASC 946 is hard! No worries. We've got you covered! Sample a few of our ASC 946 microlearning courses for FREE! Although we can't issue CPE for these courses, you'll still get the same great content.
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  • Microlearning Videos: 3 Key Concepts to Apply ASC 842 Leases

    3 Leases videos
    ASC 842 fundamentally changes the accounting for leases and it is now effectives for all entities! Before recording your leases on the balance sheet, you need to determine the lease term, lease payments, and discount rate. Our microlearning videos walk you through these concepts so you'll be prepared. View now!

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