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We know that partnering with a training firm is a decision not to be taken lightly. We want to earn your trust. Try before you buy! Check out the links below for free samples of our content. We hope you find them helpful! If you have any questions about how we might be able to offer similar solutions to your firm, let's talk.

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Revenue Recognition (ASC 606)

    Step-by-Step Guide
    Our free guide walks you through each step of the 5-step model within ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers. It provides you with a high level overview of the requirements, microlearning training modules in various formats, and links to examples that highlight significant changes from existing requirements. Explore now!
  • Microlearning Library

    Wish to create a library of short lessons covering the most commonly encountered auditing issues? Or quickly communicate the latest accounting guidance to your team in different locations? Perhaps you're looking to transform boring, lengthy internal communications, which nobody reads, into a dynamic, engaging training experience. If so, then microlearning might be for you. View now!
  • Webinar Playback: An Introduction to Lessee Accounting

    Did you miss our recent webinar on lessee accounting? We have you covered! Imagine your balance sheet "blowing up" by millions of dollars. Well, that's what happened as public companies adopted ASC 842 Leases. And now it's time for private companies to implement the new standard. In this webinar, we discuss the accounting and reporting requirements under ASC 842 for lessees. View now!
  • Webinar Playback: SEC Updates and Hot Topics

    Did you miss our recent webinar covering SEC reporting? Don't worry, we recorded it! In this webinar, we cover recent SEC speeches, regulations, comment letters, and enforcement actions and how they influence accounting and reporting. Plus, we discuss the accounting and reporting implications of COVID-19. View now!
  • Webinar Playback: ASUs Effective in 2020

    Did you miss our recent webinar covering the ASUs effective In 2020? Watch the playback! In this webinar, we cover the ASUs applicable to both public and private entities effective in 2020. Accounting updates are a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean they have to be mind-numbingly boring! Check it out for yourself and experience the GAAP Dynamics difference.  View now!
  • Analyzing PCAOB Inspections - Free eBook

    3 Out of 10 Audits are Deficient!
    Download our free eBook to avoid recurring deficiencies and perform better audits! We’ve analyzed the PCAOB inspection reports of the annually inspected firms over the past ten years. Why? Because we believe analyzing trends in deficiency rates and diagnosing recurring audit deficiencies can help improve your firm's audit training, and ultimately the quality of your team's audits! Download now!
  • Foreign Exchange Training Slides

    FX slides
    The recent rise in the U.S. dollar against most major currencies has put a damper on the results recently reported by U.S. companies operating overseas. As result, there is a renewed emphasis by accountants and regulators to ensure that these companies are properly accounting for their foreign currency transactions and translations in accordance with ASC Topic 830 Foreign Currency Matters. Download now!

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