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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Since 2001, we've helped accounting firms and companies transform their learning and development dreams into a reality, and we'd love to help you too! Check out some of our client success stories below.


Accounting firms

  • Implementing an industry-specific onboarding program for a large regional firm

    Our client is a large regional accounting firm that tailors to auditing investment companies like private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, etc. The problem? New hires coming out of college don’t have a lot of experience with the specific accounting requirements for investment companies under ASC 946 or the specific auditing considerations. Learn More
  • Industry-specific training: Helping a Big 4 firm respond to the PCAOB

    When the dust began to settle from the Great Recession, the PCAOB wanted to know what role audit firms played in the economic breakdown — and what the firms could do to make sure nothing like this ever happened again. Sure, all of the firms provided industry-specific training to their managers and above, but what about less experienced auditors? Learn More
  • Helping a Big 4 Firm transform existing content into CPE-eligible self-study eLearning

    With thousands of employees spread all over the U.S., this Big 4 U.S. firm has come to us with quite a few challenges over the course of our partnership, including: Offering CPE for missed events quickly, Converting existing intructor led content (ILT) or video into high quality eLearning with minimal disruption to their Subject -Matter Specialists (SMS), and creating content that is accessible by all. Since we’ve started working with this Big 4 firm, we’ve programmed and served as the CPE-sponsoring organization for 45 eLearning courses (and that list continues to grow)! Learn More
  • Helping a regional accounting firm prepare for a PCAOB inspection

    A regional accounting firm had spent way too many years bored to tears at their annual U.S. GAAP/GAAS update training. Ready to "spice up" the course and improve enagement, they turned to GAAP Dynamics. With our energetic, engaging delivery, we brought a whole new flavor to their formerly bland U.S. GAAP/GAAS update training. But what was intended as a one-off course ended up becoming much more. Learn More
  • Advising a regional accounting firm on a challenging transaction

    It is an age-old story of an accounting firm trying to complete a financial statement audit and issue an opinion but is roadblocked by their client’s complex accounting issues. A regional accounting firm was trying to meet demanding engagement deadlines while maintaining high audit quality standards, all with a limited amount of resources. Everything was going fine until they got hit with an accounting issue that most CPAs are not comfortable with. Learn More
  • Helping a regional accounting firm convert ILT to webinars

    A small, but rapidly expanding public accounting and advisory firm identified a need to ensure its professionals advising transaction-based businesses were educated and knowledgeable to meet the expectations and needs of its client base. As a result, they created an internal “university” program, hosting training sessions on a semi-annual basis, along with smaller group sessions on a more frequent basis. Learn More
  • Implementing a blended learning approach for a Big 4 member firm

    Since 2003, we’ve traveled to the Caribbean for a Big 4 member firm to deliver live, on-site training to their professionals. I know, tough life! But this was not just any training. See, standard off-the-shelf U.S. GAAP and IFRS training wouldn’t cut it because their client base included hedge funds, fund-of-fund structures, private equity firms, and captive insurance companies. Learn More



  • Implementing a multi-day virtual training solution for a large bank

    Each year, our client, who is a large, public bank headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, makes a significant investment into their newly hired analysts by putting them through a 9-week training program, seven days of which are with GAAP Dynamics learning about U.S. GAAP for banks. But COVID-19 did its best to put a damper on the festivities. Learn More
  • Welcoming new employees to the company and the insurance industry

    A global insurance holding company was facing a scenario most businesses would love: Stratospheric growth, thanks to acquisitions and additional hiring. Rather than rehashing old onboarding techniques or seizing the growth rocket and hoping for the best, our client, who encourages its employees to look for a better way to do things, recognized a clear challenge amidst the momentum. Learn More
  • Implementing a worldwide U.S. GAAP and IFRS eLearning program

    When a century-old Fortune 100 company spun-off its international operations, the newly formed company realized its employees were missing critical U.S. GAAP knowledge. A GAAP gap?? Now that’s a serious issue. But with employees spread all over the world, providing instructor-led U.S. GAAP training would be quite expensive and time consuming — two issues the new entity had to overcome. Learn More
  • Breathing life into static accounting policies through eLearning 

    Maybe we are biased as “accounting nerds” but having a robust set of accounting policies in a large organization is essential to a strong set of financial statements compliant with U.S. GAAP. Our S&P 500 client noted that consistent application of its policies was a challenge due to the decentralized nature of its business and a lack of attention to these policies by its global controllers around the world. Learn More
  • Getting internal audit up-to-speed on income taxes

    A large, regional bank came to us needing in-depth training on ASC 740 Accounting for Income Taxes for their internal audit department. The catch? It needed to be rolled out in a matter of weeks, not months, prior to their professionals going out to the field to conduct their audits. Learn More

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