Engagement that jumps off the screen.

Accounting training, especially delivered via webinar, can be boring. Add to it poor training materials and it can be downright painful. Picture this: Incessant talking with boring, static PowerPoint slides loaded with too much information. And, either there is no video, or worse, a constant, poorly lit talking head. Or there are distracting echoes and background noises coming from using internal computer microphones. No engagement. No fun. No thanks!

I really enjoyed the content and discussion. It wasn’t dry like other CPE webinars I have attended.”

From an accounting firm needing an annual A&A Update to a company wanting to understand accounting for leases in anticipation of adopting ASC 842 Leases, our webinars are a nice alternative to on-site training if your team can’t all be together in one location!


We’re different. We actually enjoy this stuff!

I like how prepared both presenters were. They also clearly enjoyed the topics and were having fun. That makes things a LOT more engaging for the viewer.”

We love doing webinars and we’re pretty darn good at them too (or at least that’s what we’ve been told)! Just like our instructor-led training (ILT) offerings, you can expect engagement and lots of it! And, since it’s GAAP Dynamics, you know we’ll bring the energy and passion for accounting that translates into engagement for the learner.

With our webinars you can expect: 

  • Two instructors engaging in actual dialogue rather than just reading a script
  • A separate producer ensuring any technology issues are resolved promptly
  • Video to capture the important non-verbal communication used by instructors
  • Relevant case studies and examples highlighting specific application issues
  • Chat pods that encourage peer-to-peer learning and increase engagement
  • Polling questions, not just as “proof of life,” but to highlight learning gaps
  • Answers to questions from participants, either during the webinar or afterwards
The change in modes of learning. From live speakers, to videos, to interactive polling questions, to slides, it was constantly changing and, therefore, very engaging.”

And rest assured, the quality will be top notch. We’ve retrofitted an entire room with sound panels and acoustic curtains. Invested in top-of-the-line audio and video technology. Use professional lighting. In short, we’ve spared no expense to ensure your webinar experience with GAAP Dynamics is the best.

We utilize GoToWebinar® to produce the webinars we do in-house, which also allows us to offer a “simulated live” recording of each webinar for those participants unable to attend the live version. However, we’re comfortable with other platforms as well, in case you would rather use a platform that your professionals are familiar with.

We are certified with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) to provide continuing professional education (CPE) credit for Group Internet Based training offerings, meaning all of our webinars are eligible for CPE.


Who we help 

Our webinars are great for all clients, whether you’re a multinational company or a regional accounting firm. And because they don’t involve travel, they’re cost-effective. Plus, since we tailor the material to each client’s specific needs, they are 100% relevant, which means your people stay engaged!

And, as an extra perk for our corporate clients with learners on the Revolution, we offer their professionals free access to our quarterly webinar series.

Are you an individual looking to attend our webinars? You’re in luck! These webinars are available for purchase by visiting our online course catalog. Also, from time to time, we offer free webinars, so be sure to subscribe to our blog, GAAPology, to receive invitations.  


Next steps

If you need accounting training or want to learn more about our webinar service offerings, let’s talk! We would love to work with you to determine a learning solution that fits your needs.

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