Effective Training Begins With Relevant Content

On the surface, using internal resources to develop internal training makes sense. Dig deeper, though, and the advantages disappear.

Quality training takes a lot of time and effort to create. In fact, whether you’re building a course to prepare you for a PCAOB inspection or just completing your annual accounting and auditing update training, it takes approximately 43 hours to develop the materials for each hour of an instructor-led course according to industry research. [Chapman Alliance and the Association for Talent Development]

43:1! That’s the ratio of the average development time needed for every hour of instructor-led training”

So, a typical 1-day training, say your annual U.S. GAAP/GAAS update, requires approximately 300 hours to develop, without even considering the time needed to prepare for and facilitate the course. Imagine all of the revenue-generating work your employees could accomplish during that time — instead of creating a training program — a task that isn’t always in their job description or core competencies, anyway.

With GAAP Dynamics as your training partner, you don’t have to distract employees from their real jobs or worry about finding content that works. Instead, your employees will benefit from content developed by CPAs who simultaneously are:

  • Instructional designers who use their understanding of participants’ needs to help determine the learning objectives and design the training. We create experiences for adult learners that make learning more efficient, effective, and appealing.
  • Content developers who know what works in the classroom. We provide the right mix of lecture, cases, class discussion, and application-focused, relevant examples to keep your adult learners interested and engaged while meeting your learning objectives.
  • Subject-matter experts (SMEs) who are licensed professionals with previous Big 4 experience and experts in both accounting and auditing. We can help you prepare for a PCAOB inspection, address the new revenue recognition standard, and everything in between.

We also offer train-the-trainer services for your instructors, ensuring that they are up-to-speed with the materials and key learning points.

Don’t want to teach the course yourself? No problem. We can facilitate the training using our professional, dynamic instructors.

Two Content Options

Direct Development: Your Content, Your Way

Some of our largest clients require training materials that are fully CUSTOMIZED to their needs and training methodology. If you can dream it, GAAP Dynamics can build it. Our team will partner with you to develop training materials that address your organization’s unique needs and preferences.

Your branding. Your environment. Your methodology. Your vision. These are your training materials, and you retain ownership of them.

Course was customized to our type of clients which is usually a point other courses lack.” – Auditing Broker Dealers course for a regional accounting firm (November 2014)


Licensing: A Library of Content at Your Fingertips

For organizations with more straightforward needs or modest budgets, we maintain a comprehensive, internally developed training library. We continually update this library to address evolving regulations and opportunities — so you can always find timely, proactive training courses, including:

We also offer turnkey training materials for many other topics and industries. Just ask!


Which Option Is Right for You?

  Direct Development License Arrangement
Tailoring We customize all training materials to the client’s specifications. We tailor topics and discussions to the client using existing training materials within our dynamic library.
Deliverables Based on client’s needs and may include:
  • Draft outline
  • Design document
  • Slides
  • Facilitator guide
  • Case studies
  • Solutions
  • Handouts
  • Job aids
  • And more

We develop all materials on client-provided templates, branded to their organization.
All licensed training programs include:
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Detailed facilitator notes
  • Case studies
  • Handouts
  • Solutions

Clients may apply their branding to the materials.
Ownership Client owns training materials with unrestricted use.
GAAP Dynamics retains its intellectual property rights.
GAAP Dynamics maintains ownership of training materials and structures a right-to-use according to client’s needs and budget
Fee structure Fixed installment payment, based on actual time to develop the materials at an agreed-upon daily rate. Upfront license fee based on client’s intended use.

Ready To Make a Change?

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