Boring Training Isn’t Just Lame — It’s a Missed Business Opportunity

Everyone has been stuck in the stereotypical, dull accounting or auditing training session. You stare at the clock, fight sleep, and wish you could be anywhere else. Though you’re present in the room, there’s one thing you don’t do:  Learn.

Imagine all the lost time and expense that went into that course — as well as the immense value that these employees could bring to their organizations if they were better trained.

At GAAP Dynamics, we’re here to infuse value and engagement back into your training sessions. We take seemingly dry topics — like financial instruments training or the new revenue recognition standard — and make them fun. That’s right, fun. Whether you’re searching for instructor-led training, eLearning, or blended solutions, we’ll help you find the right platform for your goals and needs.

Mike was the best instructor I ever had. I've been an accountant for over 20 years and been to numerous classes. Mike made the topics interesting and he explained complex issues very simply." - FASB Update course for KPMG Executive Education


Energetic, Expert Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

U.S. GAAP or IFRS. Accounting or auditing. Updates or fundamentals.

GAAP Dynamics’ qualified accountants and professional educators have your solution. We believe that course development and facilitation go hand-in-hand. So, our instructors not only facilitate the courses — they research and develop the materials, resulting in superior training for our clients. We focus on building knowledge through interaction, rather than lecturing to or, worse yet, talking at learners. Our goal is to foster a lively, learning-focused environment by:

  • Tailoring our teaching style to each client’s needs
  • Refining our approach to reach the specific individuals in each training session
  • Encouraging conversation that deepens understanding


Engaging, Interactive eLearning

When you have employees spread across multiple locations or continents, eLearning can be an effective way to ensure they receive consistent, compelling training. But, managing eLearning’s many moving pieces can make the process daunting and the final product may fall short of expectations when you do it on your own or with a vendor that doesn’t understand your needs.

Rather than wrangling subject matter experts, developers, reviewers, voice talent, and more — you can turn to GAAP Dynamics as a full-service eLearning partner. We’ll support every step from instructional design to production, providing you with a custom-branded, comprehensive eLearning solution that is a worthwhile experience for your employees.

We Do It All So You Don't Have To

Regardless of whether you need all the eLearning services we provide or just a few, our expertise in accounting and auditing and our sound instructional design will save you valuable time (and money) throughout the process. Our knowledge and understanding of the needs of the participants (we’ve been there and done that) allow us to quickly and efficiently turn your vision for an accounting- or auditing-based eLearning course into a reality without all the back-and-forth you would experience with a generic eLearning developer who is not an expert in the subject matter. Our goal is to reduce the time and input required by your team while increasing the quality of the training you provide to your people.


Our “E”s of Instruction

At GAAP Dynamics, we believe that quality instruction — whether ILT or eLearning — is built on the following components:


Accounting and auditing standards are complex and constantly changing like the new revenue recognition or financial instruments standards. To navigate these changes, you need someone who speaks the language – an expert partner who has done it before. We are qualified accountants with extensive experience in both accounting and auditing with the Big 4 and multinational companies.


As professional educators with real-world experience auditing multinational companies, we understand how to instill knowledge by making learning enjoyable. In person, we bring contagious enthusiasm and an ability to tailor every discussion to your organization’s needs and employees’ interests. With eLearning, we apply our training background to build relevant, engaging tools for adult learners.


Most people don’t get excited about accounting or auditing. We do.  Our professionals are passionate about topics like SEC filing requirements and the new revenue recognition standard – you know, the sexy stuff. Our energy is one of the factors that makes our ILT and eLearning so different than anything else out there. We deeply care not only about what we teach, but also how we teach it — so your employees learn and retain the knowledge, making you a better company.

AMAZING! … Bob put something so technical into an easy to understand manner. It was lively and energetic and the class was extremely enjoyable.” Auditing Hedge Accounting course for a Big 4 accounting firm

Ready To Make a Change?

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