The GAAP Between Us - An inspiring story of interning during COVID-19
The GAAP Between Us - An inspiring story of interning during COVID-19

The GAAP Between Us - An inspiring story of interning during COVID-19

This blog post was written by our Digital Marketing and eLearning intern, Lexie Leeds.

It would be hard to say that COVID-19 has not affected you in one way or another. Luckily, the one thing that was able to stay the same in my life throughout the pandemic was my internship with GAAP Dynamics. This summer, I joined the Digital Marketing and Learning Specialist team, or DMLS team as we call it. Throughout this role, I had the amazing opportunity to have hands-on experience with not only digital marketing, but with eLearning as well. The team at GAAP Dynamics were truly the kindest and most hardworking people I have ever worked with. As the website states, GAAP Dynamics is a “DIFFERENT type of accounting training firm.” Everyone is so passionate about what they create, and it shows in the work they produce.

Throughout this internship, I got a proper taste of experience in my dream career in digital marketing. The caring and kind employees of GAAP Dynamics have taught me so many valuable skills that have prepared and encouraged me in the pursuit of my future. I have loved every aspect of being creative and analytical when working with the DMLS team. Whether I was creating a graphic for social media or A/B testing email headers on performance rates, I loved being able to see the results of the work I did with the purpose of creating something that can one day help or inspire someone.

This internship has taught me many skills that can be transferred into the rest of my time studying marketing at James Madison University and into my future. I was able to further my knowledge of creating documents in Adobe InDesign, as well as editing and transcribing audio with the software, Adobe Audition and Sonix. I also learned how to program a fully functional eLearning course on the software Storyline 360! I was able to learn one of the most popular CRM tools, HubSpot, to curate email sending, social media posting, and contact list arrangements as well. Lastly, my favorite thing I learned at this internship was how to make extremely fun and engaging animated videos on the app, Vyond. All of these skills I have obtained throughout my internship are truly what made this role so special to me! I now have skills that I previously would never have learned in the classroom setting, all while experiencing a real marketing team environment.

As for leadership and communication skills, this internship has definitely improved my business communication and leadership style. After working remotely some days, I had to learn how to stay connected with the team, while simultaneously focusing on my own work. Furthermore, I learned a great deal on the technology side of things, due to many days of working remotely. I previously had never utilized Google Hangouts or Zoom extensively. Additionally, my social skills have drastically improved since this internship. Not only has it been nice to socially assimilate into the GAAP Dynamics culture, I truly feel like I’m a part of the work-family. Every employee has been so kind and treated me with the respect of a full-time colleague. Even the CEO himself asked for my opinions on topics and projects that we worked on.

Honestly, my internship experience was the best I could have asked for. The most positive aspect was the pleasant company culture that the office had. Every employee was so genuine; it was always nice knowing that my coworkers had my back. Moreover, I enjoyed every single project I created and had a hand in. Being able to create eLearning courses and animated videos were truly the coolest skills and experiences I can take away from this internship, and I am ecstatic for my future in digital marketing!

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