Training that gets attention and results.

Everyone has been stuck in the stereotypical, dull auditing or accounting training session - instructors who drone on and on, topics aren’t fully explained, and sometimes what they have to say isn’t even applicable. You stare at the clock, fight sleep, and wish you could be anywhere else. That’s what happens when you’re bored, disengaged, and generally disinterested. Although you’re present in the room, there’s one thing you don’t do: Learn.

Instructors have an enthusiasm for accounting that kept the event lively.”

Boring training isn’t just lame - it’s a missed business opportunity. Imagine all the lost time and expense involved in these types of courses. When there’s a lack of engagement, training suffers and you’ve missed a chance to make a difference in your staff’s performance.


Stay engaged with GAAP Dynamics!

The best instructor I ever had. I’ve been an accountant for over 20 years and been to numerous classes. He made the topics interesting and explained complex issues very simply.”

Accountants all over the world look to us for their technical training. Our passion for accounting and auditing and our extensive industry knowledge combine to create a uniquely effective training experience. Instead of just going through the motions, our participants get engaged.

U.S. GAAP or IFRS. Accounting or auditing. Update courses or the fundamentals. The qualified accountants and professional educators at GAAP Dynamics have your solution. Whether you’re searching for instructor-led training, webinars, eLearning, or blended learning, we’ll help you find the right mix for your goals and needs.

Instructors are excellent speakers and do a good job of interacting with the class and injecting real-life examples and situations into the course. They kept my interest for the full two days.”

We focus on building knowledge through interaction, rather than lecturing to or, worse yet, talking at learners. Our goal is to foster a lively, learning-focused environment by:

  • Tailoring our teaching style and the course materials to each client’s needs
  • Utilizing your (or your client’s) financial statements
  • Incorporating journal entries and “real-life” disclosures
  • Highlighting application issues through the use of mini cases
  • Encouraging class discussion that fosters peer-to-peer learning  

Great training starts with great content. That’s why we believe that course development and facilitation go hand-in-hand. So, our instructors not only facilitate the courses - they also research and develop the materials, resulting in superior training for our clients.

Well done in making such a difficult topic so much fun!”

Don’t waste your time or money with boring, plain-vanilla training. Our energetic, expert educators are here to infuse value and engagement back into your training sessions. We take seemingly dry topics - like financial instruments training or the new leases standard - and make them fun. That’s right, fun!


Who we help

Our clients share a commitment to the power of effective training and include Big 4 firms, regional accounting firms, CPA organizations, and companies. They all turn to GAAP Dynamics when their professionals need an IFRS or U.S. GAAP update course or are struggling with the impact of globally relevant topics, such as revenue recognition, leases, or expected credit losses.

Some of our largest clients require training materials that are fully customized to their needs and training methodology. If you can dream it, we can build it. We partner with you, working with your subject matter experts (SMEs), to develop a full suite of training materials to address your organization’s unique needs and preferences. Your branding. Your environment. Your methodology. Your vision.

For organizations or firms with more straightforward needs or modest budgets, we can quickly tailor a course, beginning with our comprehensive, internally developed U.S. GAAP and IFRS training library. Or choose from one of our off-the-shelf courses. We continually update our training materials to address the latest regulations and consider evolving practice issues.

Our off-the-shelf course offerings include:

  • Essential U.S. GAAP and SEC Update
  • Essential U.S. Accounting & Auditing (A&A) Update
  • Essential IFRS Update
  • Improving Audit Quality: Learning from Inspection Findings
  • Workshop: Revenue from Contracts with Customers (ASC 606 or IFRS 15)
  • Workshop: Leases (ASC 842 or IFRS 16)
  • Putting the Pieces Together: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments

We also have both update and fundamentals-type courses available for the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Investment management
  • Insurance
  • Real estate


Next steps

Want to learn more about a tailored, on-site training for your organization? Let’s talk. Want to see an example of our on-site training materials? Download the slides related to accounting for foreign currency transactions and translations in accordance with ASC 830 Foreign Currency Matters.

Ready To Make a Change?

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